Why attend?

Over the last 22 years, the CMA Conference has trained, equipped and resourced thousands of church and ministry leaders, managers, administrators and board members to be more effective in their God-given mission.

We all want to do our best in the church or ministry that God has placed us.

But the organisational aspects of ministry are rapidly changing, and can threaten our growth, our success, and our witness, if we don’t do these things well.

Attending the CMA Conference will help you develop the knowledge, skills and practices you need to overcome the hurdles, and move your church or ministry forward.

And, importantly, your guides, teachers and facilitators are, like you, coming from a perspective that is grounded in the Christian faith and Scriptures.

Our delegates appreciate:

  • Spiritual refreshment that relates to your God-given calling
  • Amazing networking, connecting and reconnecting with Christian leaders from around the country
  • Credits for Continuing Professional Development
  • Updates on the latest legal, tax, finance & charity developments
  • Training in ministry-relevant knowledge, skills and practices
  • Discovering valuable resources and tools
  • Meeting professionals, suppliers and experts who can help.

Be careful…

A great church can implode if its governance (elders / deacons / staff) can’t navigate complex issues together.

Valuable ministries regularly stumble when staff conflict, or legal tangles, drag people away from their core ministry focus.

Our public testimony is destroyed when we accidentally break the law, or go broke, or communicate inappropriately.

Many church and ministry leaders are gifted and passionate in their area of service, but struggle to stay abreast of all these ‘ad-ministry’ topics that can determine success or failure.

Make no mistake: good and spiritually mature ministries regularly stumble badly for reasons as ‘mundane’ as finance, HR, compliance, strategy, risk management or governance. CMA helps to avert this sad and often unnecessary pain.

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