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Effective governance is crucial for achieving your God-given mission, and for protecting your organisation, and those you serve, from harm. You can’t afford to get this wrong.


Managing the staff and volunteers God has entrusted to you with professionalism, legal diligence and Christian love is complex, but our workplaces ought to do it best!


Generating the revenue required to operate a ministry, then managing the finances both accountably and strategically, can really unleash your organisation’s potential.

With events around Australia, online webinars and member-only discussions, a national conference, niche resources, unique publications, a fantastic jobs board and much more in the pipeline, CMA is Australia’s hub for the leaders, managers and board members of Christian organisations.

Ministry Finance Week

Jesus spoke so much about money, but money is not just a personal matter, it’s also a vital part of church and ministry life.

We’ve all heard (and perhaps been affected by) the stories where money problems can bring churches or ministries unstuck. But we all know, too, that our ministries flourish when good stewardship is in place.

During our inaugural Ministry Finance Week, September 4th-8th, we’re taking a look at the intersection of money and ministry. We’re holding a small series of webinars, some Ministry Finance Networking functions, launching some resources, and gathering information for financial benchmarking and research.

Upcoming Events


Stop Planning and Start Getting Results

A CMA Webinar


A Biblical Approach to Team Design

A CMA Webinar

Online Discussion

Let’s Talk About: Artificial Intelligence (Part 1)

A Member-Only Discussion

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