CMA serves Christian churches and ministries throughout Australia in areas such as:


Effective governance is crucial for achieving your God-given mission, and for protecting your organisation, and those you serve, from harm. You can’t afford to get this wrong.


Managing the staff and volunteers God has entrusted to you with professionalism, legal diligence and Christian love is complex, but our workplaces ought to do it best!


Generating the revenue required to operate a ministry, then managing the finances both accountably and strategically, can really unleash your organisation’s potential.

With events around Australia, online webinars and member-only discussions, a national conference, niche resources, unique publications, a fantastic jobs board and much more in the pipeline, CMA is Australia’s hub for the leaders, managers and board members of Christian organisations.

CMA Fundraising Network

Launch events coming up:

Brisbane | Melbourne | Sydney | Perth | Adelaide

The new CMA Fundraising Network provides a supportive community where Christians involved in the ministry of fundraising can meet others in similar roles. Our desire is that network members will be nourished and encouraged in their sacred calling, learn from each other, and discover resources, tools and ideas that can help them grow, both spiritually and professionally.

Upcoming Events

In-Person Event

CMA Standards Council Annual Address (Sydney)

Issues and opportunities in Ministry Governance and Accountability

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