CMA Conference & Exhibition

6-7 June 2023, Brisbane
CMA Members

Two-day event



Two-day event


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Registration is open until Sunday evening, June 4th

Now, more than ever

In case you hadn’t noticed, the world we serve in is changing at a frightening pace. Now more than ever, Christian churches and organisations have opportunities to speak a timeless message into our fragile world. But now more than ever we need to make sure we’re not just spinning our wheels!

The CMA Conference is one of Australia’s premier Professional Development events for the leaders and managers of the Christian sector, and this year our theme is “Now more than ever” – we want to help you position yourself for the most effective ministry possible!

We hope you can join us and hundreds of your peers for this special event in Brisbane’s beautiful South Bank.


6 – 7 June 2023


Brisbane Convention Centre

Delegates registered


“I just wanted to say thank you so much for the fantastic conference that CMA put on this year – I felt like a sponge soaking up so much valuable professional development. As an employee of a faith-based organisation, a board member of a Christian School and a (past) council member of my church, I found it incredibly affirming, provocative and relevant in so many ways. Many thanks again to everyone involved in bringing such a high standard of professional development to the conference – I will certainly (continue) to spruik its benefits to those around me.”

(2022 conference delegate)

Conference features and benefits

  • Five inspiring keynote addresses
  • 40+ electives in six streams such as ministry governance, HR & Workaplces, Finance & Legal, Fundraising, and more
  • Exhibition hall full of organisations to serve and partner with you
  • Fantastic networking
  • Graduation and commissioning of our Board Interns
  • Special breakfast for accredited partners of the CMA Standards Council
  • Books & resources for sale
  • Stay abreast of legal, financial, risk and regulatory changes for our sector
  • CEO Forum – electives and networking specifically for CEOs

Just a selection of the 390+ delegates already attending CMA 2023 …

Partners In Ministry ~ General Manager Housing and Clinical Services, Fusion Australia ~ Board Intern, Anglican Aid ~ Chief Operations Officer, Southern Cross Kids’ Camps ~ Elder, Gateway Baptist Church ~ National Relationship Manager, Baptist Financial Services Australia ~ Sales Manager, 96.5 Family Radio ~ Business Manager, Pacific Hills Christian School ~ Board Intern, CMA ~ Projects & Development, Australian Institute of Family Counselling ~ Group Marketing Manager, Pacific Group of Christian Schools ~ CEO, YouthCARE ~ District Administrator, Lutheran Church SA-NT District ~ Operations Manager, Churches of Christ in Queensland ~ Accountant, Baptist Insurance Services ~ Consultant, John Peberdy Consulting ~ Operations Manager, Restoration Church ~ Head of Customer Experience, R6 Digital ~ Chair, Rosenheim Trust ~ CEO, Churches of Christ Qld ~ General Manager Sydney Services, Fusion Australia ~ Chief Marketing Officer, R6 Digital ~ Director, Reposition ~ Business Manager, Scripture Union NSW ~ CEO, Cornerstone Housing Ltd ~ Business & Operations Director, Interserve Australia ~ COO, YouthCARE ~ Board Member, Christian Venues Association ~ Management Accountant, Scripture Union Australia ~ Board Member, Christian Venues Association ~ Clarety ~ Strategic Partnerships Manager, NGS Super ~ Senior Minister , Darling Street Anglican Church ~ Board Member, CMA ~ Lead Pastor, Restoration Church ~ Treasurer, Add Ministry Inc. ~ National Manager | Employer Relationships, Australian Ethical ~ General Practitioner, Silky Oaks Medical Practice ~ Executive Director, Pregnancy Problem House ~ Board Member, Medical Mission Aid ~ Senior Associate, Russell Kennedy Lawyers ~ Manager, The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association ~ CFO, Power to Change ~ Board Member, Christian Venues Association ~ Principal, Dale Smith & Associates Pty Ltd ~ Business Project Manager, The Different Co ~ Former Intern, Hillcrest Christian College ~ Business & Development Manager, CMA ~ Board Intern, The Langham Partnership ~ Head of Finance & Administration, Baptist Churches of WA ~ Director and Partner, The Future Leader Group ~ Finance Manager, Global Recordings Network ~ GM Corporate Services, Schools Ministry Group ~ Chair, PeaceWise ~ Partnership Youth Development Officer, Langham Partnership ~ Executive Director, CMA Standards Council ~ Business Manager , Christian Brethren Trust ~ Director, Wycliffe Bible Translators Australia ~ CEO, Global Recordings Network ~ Support Engineer, Real World Technology Solutions ~ National Insurance Manager , Churches of Christ ~ Missions, Mt Tamborine Conference Centre ~ CEO, Bethany Christian Care ~ Board member, Brisbane School of Theology ~ Board Member, FamilyVoice Australia ~ Board Member, CMA ~ Admin Assistant, The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association ~ Director CEO, Wild Hive ~ Partner, Saward Dawson ~ Board Member, Christian Venues Association ~ National Strategy Director- Youth, Power to Change ~ Director – Administration, Queensland Baptists ~ Business Manager, Calvary Christian College ~ CEO, The Anglican Schools Corporation ~ Secretary , Mt Tamborine Conference Centre ~ Finance Manager, Global Mission Partners ~ Board Intern, Langham Partnership ~ Board Intern, Local Leaders International ~ Chair, Brisbane School of Theology ~ Director, Megavoice Australia ltd ~ National Director, FamilyVoice Australia ~ Finance Manager, Church Missionary Society Queensland with Northern NSW ~ Director of Financial Services, The Baptist Union of Queensland ~ Board Intern, Southern Cross Kids Camp ~ National Finance Manager, Fusion Australia ~ Board Member, FamilyVoice Australia ~ CEO, R6 Digital ~ Director, Margaret Scott & Associates ~ Head of Digital, Heartburst ~ Executive Director, CMS NSW & ACT Ltd ~ CEO/Board Director, Unity College Australia ~ Financial Controller, Christian Youth Camps Ltd ~ Company Secretary / Group Manager Risk Compliance & Assets, Scripture Union Australia ~ General Manager, CCCVAT MINISTRIES LTD ~ Board Member, Southern Cross Kids’ Camps ~ Board Member, Church Missionary Society – Queensland and Northern NSW ~ Board Member, Bethany Christian Care ~ General Manager, INC Invest ~ Director, Planetshakers ~ CEO, Baptist Financial Services ~ WSC Group ~ CFO, Anglicare Tasmania Inc ~ Board Member, Peacewise ~ Head of People and Culture, The Different Co ~ Prolegis Lawyers ~ Director, Wycliffe Bible Translators Australia ~ Board Intern, Anglican Aid ~ PA to National Director, CMA ~ Board Intern, Scripture Union NSW ~ Director, Corney & Lind Lawyers ~ Business Support Services, The Salvation Army ~ CEO, The Archbishop of Sydney’s Anglican Aid ~ Student Engagement and Coursework Manager, Australian College of Ministries (ACOM) ~ CEO, WorldShare ~ Operations Director, Dunham+Company ~ Board Member, FamilyVoice Australia ~ Group Sales Manager, Media Sales Australia ~ Director, Neumann & Turnour Lawyers ~ Partnership Manager, Church Missionary Society Queensland with Northern NSW ~ National Account Manager, Media Sales Australia ~ Chief Executive Officer, Langham Partnership Australia ~ Finance Manager , Scripture Union NSW ~ Board Intern, SU NSW ~ Board Member, Nambour Christian College ~ Senior Partner, Chifley Global Group ~ Board Intern, Christian Media and the Arts Australia ~ Managing Director, Feldman and Associates ~ Relationship Manager, Baptist Financial Services ~ WSC Group ~ CEO, SALT ~ Prolegis Lawyers ~ Board Member, Anglican Aid ~ Community Facilitator, Clarety Community ~ CEO, Southern Cross Kids’ Camps ~ Chief Wellbeing and Communications Officer, Bible Society Australia ~ Chair of Australian Board and of International Council, Langham Partnership ~ Governance Manager, Calvary Christian College ~ Account Manager, Real World Technology Solutions ~ Pastor, Subiaco Church of Christ ~ Board Intern, Leprosy Mission ~ Managing Director, Reposition ~ Director, Neometric ~ Relationship Manager SA/NT, Baptist Financial Services ~ Chief Operating Officer, Korus Connect ~ CEO, Bethel Funerals ~ Director, Gracify ~ Senior Relationship Manager, Samaritan’s Purse ~ Board Intern, Hillcrest Christian College ~ Head of Corporate Services, The Different Co ~ Senior Leader – People and Culture, CAP Australia ~ Elder/Director, The Chinese Christian Church ~ Founder, Real World Technology Solutions ~ General Manager Development, Schools Ministry Group ~ Partner, Mills Oakley ~ CEO, AEA Missions Interlink ~ Chief Financial Officer, Vision Christian Media ~ Board Member, Southern Cross Kids’ Camps ~ Marketing Consultant, Honey and Flint Communications ~ Executive Director, Arrow Leadership ~ Director of Central Services, Baptist Mission Austalia ~ Managing Partner, Thornburys Accountants & Advisors ~ Group Director Support Services, Scripture Union Australia ~ Board Intern, Korus Connect ~ June’s Fundraising Letter ~ CEO, Schools Ministry Group ~ Head of Ministry Support and Standards, Baptist Churches of WA ~ Board Intern, Arrow Leadership ~ Staff Relations Manager, Christian Schools Australia ~ National Director, CMA ~ Deputy Head of College, Hillcrest Christian College ~ Accounts Manager , Southern Cross Kids’ Camps ~ CFO, Dean School of Leadership, Australian College of Ministries (ACOM) ~ Registrar/General Manager, Anglican Diocese of Tasmania ~ Executive Pastor, Discovery Church ~ Finance Manager, Churches of Christ in WA ~ Commissioner, ACNC ~ Partner, Chifley Global Group ~ CST Team Leader, Baptist Financial Services ~ National Relationship Manager, Churches of Christ Financial Services ~ Board Chair, Mt Tamborine Convention ~ Director, Pearce Davis ~ National Director, SIM Australia ~ Director, The Lachlan Macquarie Institute ~ Mills Oakley Lawyers ~ Group Finance Manager, Pacific Group of Christian Schools ~ CEO, Integricare ~ Mission Development Manager, Arrow Leadership ~ Board Chair, Bayside Christian College ~ General Manager Chaplaincy, Schools Ministry Group ~ Founding Director , PeaceWise ~ Chair , Queensland Baptists ~ Head of Operations, Local Leaders International ~ Senior Accountant, Victory Life Centre ~ CEO, CAP Australia ~ Founder, Senior Leader, Heart for Kids ~ Board Member, CMA ~ Chief Risk & Compliance Officer, Churches of Christ Financial Services ~ Principal, Lewis Holdway Lawyers ~ Board Intern, Peacewise ~ Marketing & Communications Manager , Baptist Financial Services ~ Coordinator of Christian Education Services, Queensland Baptists ~ General Manager Wellbeing & Education, Schools Ministry Group ~ Operation Manager , Baptist Financial Services ~ HR Manager , Baptist Financial Services ~ Board Intern, Hillcrest Christian College ~ Board Chair, Global Recordings Network ~ Founder/Director, Entente Pty Ltd ~ Director, Scripture Union NSW ~ Executive Director, Habitat for Humanity Victoria ~ Executive Pastor, NewHope Baptist Church ~ HR Manager, Korus Connect ~ Mentor – Christian women in governance, Spark ministries – Christian Women in Governance ~ Director, Finance, Risk & Compliance, International Justice Mission ~ Neumann & Turnour Lawyers ~ CEO, EA Insurance Services ~ Board Member, WEC International ~ Client Manager, WSC Group ~ CFO, Door of Hope Christian Church Inc ~ McCrindle ~ Director, Wycliffe Bible Translators Australia ~ Events Manager, NGS Super ~ Manager, Lewis Counsel Pty Ltd ~ Chair of Council, Church Missionary Society Queensland with Northern NSW ~ Business Support Manager, Baptist Financial Services ~ Board Member, Southern Cross Kids’ Camps ~ Chair, Qld Christian Religious Instruction Network ~ Chief Executive Officer, Ansvar Insurance Ltd ~ CFO, Baptist Financial Services ~ Executive Director Church and Community Engagement, Churches of Christ Qld ~ WEC International ~ Chief Executive Officer, The Different Co ~ Saward Dawson ~ CEO, Prison Network ~ NSW/ACT State Director, Barnabas Aid ~ Director, ~ Partner, Saward Dawson ~ Relationship Manager, Baptist Financial Services ~ Network Business Manager, Trinity Network of Churches ~ Head of Risk & Compliance, Compassion Australia ~ Board Member, Christian Venues Association ~ COO, Australian College of Ministries (ACOM) ~ Executive Leaders Program Director and Coaching Director, Arrow Leadership ~ Council/Executive member, Church Missionary Society ~ Group CEO , Scripture Union Australia ~ IT Manager , Baptist Financial Services ~ Personnel Director, SIM Australia ~ Office Manager & Executive Assistant to the CEO, EA Insurance Services ~ Accountant, FEBC Australia ~ Director and Leadership Coach, LUCID LEADERSHIP ~ Director, Wycliffe Bible Translators Australia ~ Company Secretary, WEC International ~ Chair of the Board of Elders, Gateway Baptist Church ~ Board Chair, Southern Cross Kids’ Camps ~ Board Director , Baptist Financial Services ~ Chief Executive Officer, Baptist Insurance Services ~ National Director, Power to Change ~ Chief Executive Officer, Christian Venues Association ~ Director – Investor Relations, Prime Value ~ CEO, African Enterprise ~ Principal, Charitas Law ~ Neumann & Turnour Lawyers ~ Chief Executive Officer, Strength Potential ~ Strategic Partnerships Manager, NGS Super ~ CEO, Entrust Foundation ~ CEO, Youth for Christ ~ Investment Director, Australian Ethical ~ Principal, Bickerton Masters ~ Director, Neometric ~ Deputy Chair, Gateway Baptist Church ~ Secretary of the National Executive , INC ~ General Manager, Bickerton Masters ~ Marketing & Business Development Manager, EA Insurance Services ~ Board Intern, Habitat for Humanity VIC ~ Accountant, Nexus Church Ltd ~ Director, Baptist Insurance Services ~ General Manager – Risk Solutions, Ansvar Insurance Ltd ~ Board Chair, CMA ~ Director Marketing, Benkorp Management Services ~ ERM Product Development Consultant , Ansvar Insurance Ltd ~ Board Intern, Korus Connect ~ Director, Intuition Legal ~ CEO, Scripture Union NSW ~ Head of Customer Strategy, R6 Digital ~ General Manager , Australian Christian Churches ~ CEO, Pluri ~ Principal Advisor, P Excel Ministry ~ Executive Assistant, Scripture Union NSW ~ Board Chair, AIFC ~ Accountant, Nexus Church Ltd ~ Board Intern, Leprosy Mission ~ Director of Church Partnerships & Content, Katoomba Christian Convention ~ CEO, Benkorp Management Services ~ CEO, CMAA ~ Director, Saward Dawson ~ Executive Assistant to Baplink Manager, Queensland Baptists ~ Operations Manager, The Archbishop of Sydney’s Anglican Aid ~ National Director, Steer Incorporated ~ Board Chair, Churches of Christ Vic/Tas ~ Principal Director, House Counsel ~ Director, Baptist Insurance Services ~ Practice Leader – Employment and Discrimination, Corney and Lind ~ Relationship Manager , Scripture Union NSW ~ Finance Manager, Adult & Teen Challenge WA ~ CEO, Mt Tamborine Conference Centre ~ General Manager, Crosslife Property ~ General Manager, Cornerstone Housing Ltd ~ Board Intern / Staff, Local Leaders International / BFS ~ Principal Consultant, Bickerton Masters – Arkhart Advisory ~ Chairperson, ICCSA ~ Administrator, Austral-Asian Community Church ~ Dunham+Company ~ Chair Board of Directors, Baptist Insurance Services ~ Chair, Baptist Financial Services ~ Director, Sneddon Legal and Consulting Pty Ltd ~ Chief of Party, ICCSA ~ Moores ~ Board Member, CMS ~ Co-Founder, Clarety Community ~ Board Member, Christian Venues Association ~ Operations Manager, Churches of Christ in WA ~ Board Intern, Christian Venues Association ~ Board Member, CMA ~ Chief Executive Officer, AIFC ~ Board Member, Bethel Funerals ~ Chief Finance Officer, Global Mission Partners ~ Director, Arrow Leadership Australia ~ Board Chair, Wycliffe Bible Translators Australia/Global Recordings Network ~ Board Member, Global Trust Partners ~ Partner, Argon Business Partners ~ Board Intern, CMA ~ Director, What’sOn Consulting ~ Director, WEC International ~ CEO, Emu Gully Adventure Education Group ~ Group Business Manager, Pacific Group of Christian Schools ~ CEO, Korus Connect ~ Founder and Partner, Prolegis Lawyers ~ YouthCARE ~ CEO, Vision Christian Media ~ National Risk Manager , AIRS ~ Executive Director, CMS QNNSW ~ Finance Manager, CAP Australia ~ Quality Church Governance Coordinator, Christian and Missionary Alliance ~ Chair, Cornerstone Housing Ltd ~ Baplink Manager, Queensland Baptists ~ Board Intern, Churches of Christ WA ~ Director, NCLS Research ~ Finance Manager, GLO Ministries ~ Board Intern, Habitat for Humanity Victoria ~ Board Member, Bethel Funerals ~ Finance Director and Company Secretary, Church Missionary Society – Australia Ltd ~ Head of Transformation, NGS Super ~ Head of People & Culture, Christian Youth Camps Ltd ~ Cathedral Administrator, St Andrew’s Cathedral ~ General Manager, Eastern College Australia ~ Chief Financial Officer, Planetshakers ~ Partner, Prolegis Lawyers ~ Executive Operations Manager, Fusion Australia ~ CFO, SIM Australia ~ Finance Officer, Restoration Church ~ Regional Director, Jersey Road PR ~ Board Chairman, FamilyVoice Australia ~ General Manager, The Lachlan Macquarie Institute ~ Business Manager, ANGLICAN PARISH OF DALKEITH ~ CEO, AIRS ~ Chief Executive Officer, Fusion Australia ~ Owner, Opal Fundraising ~ Director , Baptist Financial Services ~ Finance Manager , Baptist Financial Services ~ Board Member, FamilyVoice Australia ~ Company Secretary, Global Recordings Network ~ Group Director Engagement, Scripture Union Australia ~ Research Executive, McCrindle ~ Consultant, Prolegis Lawyers ~ Managing Director, Dunham+Company ~ Director, Spark ministries – Christian Women in Governance ~ National Marketing Officer, Vision Christian Media ~ Executive Director, Special Projects, CMA ~ CEO, Peacewise ~ Director, Wycliffe Bible Translators Australia

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