About Us

Advancing ministry effectiveness.

CMA – a brief background

CMA (Christian Ministry Advancement Ltd) is an Australian charity, formed in 2001 with two purposes:

  • To elevate the perceived spirituality and importance of the spiritual gifts of administration; and
  • To provide resources, tools, training and networking to support the more operational aspects of church and ministry leadership, so that churches and ministries can be more effective in whatever God has called them to.

We have found that the spiritual gifts of administration (think governance, HR, fundraising, financial management, legal compliance, risk management) have been neglected in much of the Christian sector, and that therefore, the front-line mission of the church was weakened. We often encounter explanations like, “We’re a church, not a business – so don’t talk to me about [strategy, or risk, or HR, or performance, or governance]”.

But an effective Christian organisation needs to function well both spiritually, and organisationally. A prayerful, God-centred ministry that is governed well, manages finances prudently, is diligent about its legal & civic obligations, and treats staff both lovingly and professionally, will produce more fruit than a prayerful, God-centred ministry that is poorly governed, financially irresponsible, legally naive, and who treats staff lovingly but without proper process.

CMA is not tied to any church, denomination or other organisation. We are completely interdenominational, and our community of 1700+ members represents the wide spread of the Christian faith in Australia. We are not underwritten by any business, foundation or organisation – we earn our income from membership fees, donations, sponsorship, event revenue, and resource sales. We have been around for over 20 years, and each year thousands of church, ministry and business leaders attend CMA events, or request CMA resources, or engage with us in some manner.

Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

Advancing ministry by maximising the effectiveness of governance, leadership and management in Christian churches and organisations.

Our Vision

Australian society transformed by the effective ministry of well-governed, well-led, well-managed Christian churches and organisations.

Our Values

  • Authentic Christianity. We value that which pleases God, as portrayed in the Bible, and therefore we place high value on qualities such as humility, total dependence on God, grace, justice, diligence, love, and other Christian virtues and fruit of the Spirit. Matt. 7:21
  • The Spiritual Gifts of Administration. We affirm that governance, leadership and management are valid spiritual activities, and we place a high value on their role in our organisations. 1 Cor. 12:28 
  • Excellence. We believe that God is honoured, and our public testimony enhanced, when we conduct ourselves, and our organisations, with excellence. Col. 3:23
  • Substance. We believe that the seriousness of our gospel mission requires our sector to rise above the superficial, slick and opportunistic attitudes that distracts us from more important issues. Eph. 4:14-15
  • People. We value and treat with Christian love the people who serve with us, and the people we serve, because all individuals have been created in God’s image. 1 Cor. 13:1
  • Fun. There is a time for everything, including laughter, and we believe God is pleased when we not merely acknowledge but revel in his goodness and in the people, gifts and opportunities he blesses us with. Psa. 126:2-3

The CMA Team


Founders Network

CMA is now into the third phase of its existence.

Founding Period

When CMA (originally called ‘Christian Management Australia’) first began in 2001, it was seeded significantly by one-off gifts of $1000 or more from ‘Founding Members’. The founding period was officially closed on 30 June 2010, and it is fair to say that CMA would not exist without the vision and support of those initial Founding Members. We wish to continue to acknowledge their initial support of our vision, and you can view the original Founding Members list here.

Stabilising Period

Phase two began in 2012, when CMA departed from the corporate umbrella of the Evangelical Alliance family, and formed a new charity, Christian Ministry Advancement Ltd. The organisation was sustainable, although very small, and began to get wider recognition as it published some important booklets, launched a national series of Board Training Days each year, and increased its activity to around 40 events per year. This period also saw the launch of the CMA Standards Council – modeled on ECFA in the USA – and Q4.

Expansion Period

The COVID-19 pandemic signalled a new, third phase for CMA. By God’s grace and because of goodwill extended to us by members, sponsors and supporters, we navigated the pandemic in good shape, and used the lull in public activities to make some refinements and adjustments to our strategy. Our mission is as central – and needed – as ever, our staff and board teams are in good shape, and we have a clear vision of where we need to go from here. Our various income streams, though fairly small, are nicely diverse, and allow us to sustain the organisation at its current size, but they won’t fund the next phase of expansion. We aren’t satisfied just being stable, when we believe God is calling us to a whole new level of expanding the ways we serve the Christian sector in Australia.

In this post-COVID expansion period, we are again seeking the support of organisations and individuals to help us move to the next level, beyond merely sustaining the present. If you believe God may be prompting you to strengthen the ministry of CMA, please contact us, or consider making a donation now here. In 2024 we are forming a new ‘Founders Network’ for supporters who make a contribution of $1000 or more per year, either by a one-off gift, or by a monthly contribution of $100 or more. If you really want to invest in building well-governed, well-led, well-managed churches and ministries, we would love to welcome you to our new Founders Network!

Our Sponsors

If you would like to discuss opportunities to gain some visibility for your product, service or ministry, while at the same time supporting CMA’s mission, please email info@cma.net.au