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Most of the training and learning opportunities that exist for nonprofit leaders and board members is either secular, and thus misses the many nuances of Christian ministry, or is geared towards leadership – which is great, but misses a lot of the more specific governance / finance / HR aspects that are so vital.

CMA recognises that fundraising, HR, governance and other operational matters are different in our sector. What is a Theology of Risk? How does our faith affect our budgeting? Do we treat people any different because we’re Christian? Should we?

From our Annual Conference attended by 350-450 delegates to regular Board Training Days in 5 capital cities, and other breakfasts, webinars and stand-alone events, we provide valuable opportunities for you to up-skill in these important topics, but with a distinctly Christian focus.

We aim to enrich you with Godly principles, proven methods and valuable resources and advice provided by practitioners with subject-matter expertise and a deep understanding of the Christian faith. And in 2023, we’re adding training to our usual mix of Conferences and Events. Stay tuned!