The CEO, the Chair, and succession

Stewarding a ministry’s critical relationships

July 26, 9.30-1.15 at The Windsor, 111 Spring St Melbourne

All morning plus lunch



All morning plus lunch


Only for ministry CEOs and Chairs

This is a rare opportunity to spend a morning and a meal with other ministry CEOs, Senior Pastors, Principals, and Board / Council Chairs from around Australia, and engage with a respected spiritual leader and author Peter Greer who has written on these topics.

Plan now to join us at The Hotel Windsor in Melbourne on July 26.

You may also wish to stay for the afternoon session – ‘Lead with Prayer‘ – based on over one hundred hours interviewing world-changing leaders from six continents, asking a powerful question: What prayer practices are fuelling your impact? The CEO / Chair morning & lunch and the ‘Lead with Prayer’ afternoon are two separate events, with separate pricing, but CEO / Chair delegates can register for both events on the one registration form.

The importance of the relationship between the church or ministry team leader, and the chair of the board / council, can’t be overstated. A spiritual and intentional relationship between these key players can iron out a lot of the typical organisational wrinkles and allow the organisation to flourish, but when this relationship fails, the consequences can be potentially disastrous – both personally for the individuals, and for the effectiveness of the organisation.

And to add a little further complexity, the people holding the roles always move on!

Sometimes succession is done in a prayerful, organised transition that strengthens the ministry, honours God and respects departing leaders, but sometimes it results in a mess that leaves numerous people wounded, reputations destroyed, and hampers the work of God’s church.

In this three-hour session, exclusively limited to Board /Council Chairs and CEOs / Principals / Senior Ministers, Peter Greer will draw on his personal experience, a lifetime of conversations, and his work as published in two highly-regarded books “The Board and the CEO”, and “Succession” as he leads the audience through the morning. Attendees will not only explore some of the practical ideas and processes involved, but will more deeply look at the spiritual postures, attitudes and context without which even the best of policies and procedures will be fall short of what honours God.

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Acting Executive Director, Arrow Leadership (VIC) | National Director, CMA (QLD) | Board Chair, Compassion AU (QLD) | CEO, Compassion AU (NSW) | CEO, Wesley Mission (NSW) | CEO, PositiveMedia (VIC) | CEO, Faith Values Ltd (VIC) | Managing Director, Every Home Global Concern (NSW) | Executive Director, Habitat for Humanity Victoria (VIC) | Board Chair, Prison Network (VIC) | CEO, Prison Network (VIC) | CEO, AIRS (VIC) | Chairman, ACL (NSW) | Board Chair, Arrow Leadership (SA) | CEO / Director of Camping, Baptist Camping Victoria (VIC) | Chairman, ECMA (VIC) | Chair, Hunter Christian School (NSW) | CEO, Sydney Diocesan Services (NSW) | Chair, Open Doors (NSW) | Board Chair, Scripture Union Australia (NSW) | CEO, Southern Cross Kids’ Camps (VIC) | Principal and ACS Board Chair, Northside Christian College and Associated Christian Schools (QLD) | CEO, EA Insurance (VIC) | Board Chair, Southern Cross Kids’ Camps (VIC) | Chair, Vision Christian Media (NSW) | CEO, International Needs Australia (VIC) | Deputy Chair, PositiveMedia (VIC) | CEO, HammondCare (NSW) | Senior Minister, CityLife Church  (VIC) | CEO, CMAA (NSW) | CEO, Korus Connect (VIC) | CEO, XP (SA) | CEO, Open Doors (NSW) | Chair, CMAA (VIC) | Chair, Korus Connect (VIC) | CEO, Bedford College  (NSW) | Executive Officer, Churches of Christ Vic/Tas (VIC) | CEO, Baptist World Aid Australia (NSW) | CEO, Baptist Financial Services (NSW) | Board Chair, CMA (VIC) | CEO, Vision Christian Media (QLD) | Chair, Board of Directors, Baptist Financial Services (NSW) | Deputy Chair , CityLife Church  (VIC) | National Executive Director, The Gideons International in Australia Inc. (ACT) | Chair, Hillcrest Christian College (QLD) | Executive Director, CMA Standards Council (VIC) | Chair of Board of Elders, CityLife Church  (VIC) | Executive Director, Local Leaders International (NSW) | Director of Mission and Ministries, Baptist Union of Victoria (VIC) | Chair, Baptist Camping Victoria (VIC) | Board Chair, EA Insurance (VIC) | CEO , Scripture Union Australia (VIC) | Council Chair, Waverley Christian College (VIC) | Principal, ACOM – the Australian College of Ministries (VIC) | Board Chair, Wesley Mission (NSW) | Deputy Chair, Habitat for Humanity Victoria (VIC) | CEO, Concern Australia (VIC) | Board Chair, Concern Australia (VIC) | CEO, The Leprosy Mission Australia (VIC) | Chairman, Steer Incorporated (VIC) | Chair, Family Systems Institute (VIC) | Chair, Bedford College (NSW) | Senior Pastor, Reach Community Church Inc (VIC) | Deputy Chair, Reach Community Church Inc | CEO, Rhema FM Newcastle (NSW) | Senior Pastor, Crossway Baptist Church (VIC) | Chair, Samaritan’s Purse Australia (NSW) | Executive Director, Samaritan’s Purse Australia (NSW) | CEO, Bible League (NSW) | Board Chairman, Plenty River College (VIC) | CEO, The Salt Foundation (VIC) | Acting CEO, Churches of Christ Financial Services (VIC) | CEO, Baptist Care Australia | CEO, Focus on the Family | CEO, Reach Beyond | Deputy Chair, U Ethical | CEO / Chair, Goodness Enterprises


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