Farewell as Paul Arnott ‘retires’ from Q4

Paul Arnott joined the CMA team in 2016 to head up our ‘Q4 – Rethinking Retirement’ ministry. After touching thousands of lives, leading over 100 people through ‘Engaging Q4’ courses, writing scores of magazine articles, helping denominations and people think differently about retirement, and making an enormous contribution to CMA generally, Paul is finishing his role with CMA / Q4 this week.

We are sad to see him go, but we know that God will continue to use him and Rosanne in ways we don’t yet know. Paul practices what he preaches, so we know that he will see his ‘Fourth Quarter’ as a time full of opportunities for making an impact for the Kingdom of God. The CMA Board and staff wish Paul and Roseanne God’s richest blessings, and we look forward to them still popping up here and there in CMA’s world for a long time to come!

CMA is not replacing Paul with a Q4 staff member, and we will take a six month pause on the ministry of Q4 to prayerfully consider what shape Q4 will take in CMA’s future activities. Q4 is therefore paused, not gone, and will return in some form in the second half of 2024.