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Q4 is shorthand for 'fourth quarter'. The average life expectancy for Australians is 81 (male) - 84 (female). So statistically our fourth quarter commences around the age of 60.

What is Q4?

Q4 is a movement encouraging and equipping Christians to find and follow God's call in the fourth quarter of their lives.

  1. Q4 INSPIRES people to imagine the potential and fulfillment of a fourth-quarter lived as God intended.
  2. Q4 CHALLENGES people to make an intentional commitment to living their fourth quarter years for God’s purposes.
  3. Q4 ASSISTS people to discover God’s calling and purpose for them in their fourth quarter years.
  4. Q4 CONNECTS people to the people, resources and organisations they need to live out their calling.
Rethinking Retirement

Retirement is not a biblical concept. Society suggests that retirement is what happens when work finishes, and we get to sit back and enjoy the rewards and fruit of our labours. A huge industry has flourished catering to this notion of extended leisure, but God calls us to something far more inspiring.

God calls us to be faithful not just for a season, but for a lifetime - faithful in loving, serving and helping others. And faithful not merely in doing, but in becoming. God's call on our lives doesn't end at retirement, but continues until we pass into his eternal presence.

Too many Christians, however, fall for this secular and relatively recent concept of retirement, and enter a phase of dormancy - as though God were saying "Well done! Thanks for all you did in those busy years, now it's someone else's turn. So you can sit back and enter into your rest."

Whoops! God's 'Well done' speech comes in heaven, not at our retirement party!

It's time to rethink retirement.

'Q4 - Rethinking Retirement' is a ministry of Christian Ministry Advancement, ABN 63 157 713 534. Ph 1300 262 300