Ministry Finance Week (MFW)

One week of webinars & networking events

4-8 September 2023
CMA Members

All eight webinar recordings



All eight webinar recordings


Money and Ministry

Jesus spoke so much about money, but money is not just a personal matter, it’s also a vital part of church and ministry life.

We’ve all heard (and perhaps been affected by) the stories where money problems can bring churches or ministries unstuck. But we all know, too, that our ministries flourish when good stewardship is in place.

During our inaugural Ministry Finance Week, we took a look at the intersection of money and ministry. We held morning tea events in Sydney and Melbourne, and a series of eight webinars. Although the week is now over, the recordings are available for viewing, along with speaker notes / handouts, until 10th November 2023. If you were a delegate to the webinars, you can access the recordings here.

If you would like to access the recordings but didn’t register, you can simply register now for the webinar program, and you will receive a link, within several hours, to the recordings.

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