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Conference Elective Session Details

Session descriptions are being continually updated as they come to hand.

Tuesday June 7th
Tuesday 11.35 to 12.30
How do models of organisational governance rate when leaders fail – lessons from Mars Hill’

Anne Robinson and Emma Kostas (Prolegis Lawyers)

No one size fits all, but what are the key principles to consider to achieve an effective structure for organisations and churches – what lessons must we learn from the failures of the past?

Work Wellbeing: Leading thriving teams in rapidly changing times

Geoff Brailey (McCrindle)

Over the last few years, the world of work has undergone a massive transformation. From working-from-home becoming the normal to massive societal change and The Great Resignation, people are re-evaluating how work fits into their life and wellbeing. In this session, Geoff will provide a practical, data-driven and engaging guide to work wellbeing, equipping leaders, managers and employees with a thorough understanding of how to not only attract and retain staff in these times of great change, but creating workplaces that help people to thrive.

The Giving Church - the benefits of reaching beyond your boundaries

Alicia Watson (What'sOn Consulting)

Of course, no amount of giving will forge a way for personal salvation, nor will it ensure God’s blessing on your church. It should be a natural outpouring of our gratitude to God. It is therefore our responsibility to use our resources wisely and for the benefit of anyone in need. We will explore what the Bible says and how we should ensure we are giving according to our means.

Building Trust in a Sceptical World

Michael Dogger (R6Digital)

In a world of shonky charities and dodgy businesses, people are sceptical of anyone asking for their money. How do you break through that sceptical mindset to show that you can be trusted with a donors donation or a customers purchase?

Join Michael as he shares proven marketing principles that will build trust with your donors or customers. Take away practical ideas and tools that can be leveraged to transform the way your donors or customers engage with your organisation.

Tuesday 1.20 to 2.15

Are you up to scratch? Key legal considerations for Christian Boards today

Rebecca Lambert-Smith (Moores)

As a Board member, it is important that you remain informed to help you discharge your legal obligations and steward your role well. We’ll survey the legal landscape for Boards to give you an overview of the key issues cropping up in Christian organisations. We’ll cover emerging legal issues, common compliance concerns and cautionary tales, with a view to helping Board members avoid legal pitfalls and ensure best practice governance.

Can we get better at Hiring and Firing in a Christian organisation?

Stephen Judd (Former CEO, HammondCare)

Christian organisations struggle with “human resource” issues. Too often we recruit the wrong people; we tolerate under-performance; we skirt around taking action on those whom I call organisational terrorists! And, then, when there is a parting of the ways, we too often mess up the termination. All of this is not exactly a recipe for high performance teams that gives glory to God. In this elective there will be full of practical tips on how to hire and fire people – as well as identifying those terrorists and what to do about them.

In Pursuit of Mission – Building Harmony and Trust between CEO, CFO and the board

Catherine Kleemann (Australian College of Ministries)

Many a CEO and board describe their relationship with their CFO/treasurer as strained or frustrating, leading to resentfulness, distrust and disharmony. CFOs are relegated to “administrator” rather than “leadership” status or pressured into taking a timid, compliance-focused role. Yet, management, board and CFO are best when they work together towards the mission of an organisation, whilst each confidently fulfilling their different responsibilities. This seminar discusses some ways we can work towards this harmony.

How to climb a digital mountain

Jeremy Horn (Clarety)

The journey to implement a new fundraising and donor management system for your organisation is a lot like climbing a mountain. Clarety’s Jeremy Horn shares five tips to help you on the journey.

Tuesday 2.25 to 3.20

Hot spots - Financial and Compliance issues for NFP’s

Cathy Braun, Murray Nicholls and Matthew Crouch (Saward Dawson)

This session with be an opportunity to hear about a number of areas that management and boards should be discussing, as well as particular actions that can be taken now.
• Tax concessions – Are you sure? An overview of the key concessions and what the regulators are asking.
• Fringe benefits: Employee benefit and employer risk – Key opportunities and common risks.
• Cyber risks and frauds – Highlighting a few recent examples and the questions governance need to ask.
This session will suitable for management responsible for the finances and board members seeking an overview of the key issues.

Religious Liberty in Australia: where to next?

Mark Sneddon (Institute for Civil Society) and Mark Fowler (Fowler Charity Law)

After the Religious Discrimination Bill was pulled because the price of removing protections for religious schools was too high, what will the new federal ALP government do about religious discrimination protection and religious schools? New Victoria discrimination restrictions on churches, charities and schools start in June and Queensland and WA seem likely to follow. SOGI practices bans and child safe standards mulitplying. What is the likely legal landscape over the next 3 years? What can churches, charities and schools do?

7 Myths & Mindsets that are Killing Your Fundraising

June Steward (June's Fundraising Letter)

Many non-profits sabotage their fundraising efforts due to beliefs in incorrect myths or unhelpful mindsets – and faith-based charities are among the worst culprits! Are you one of them? Find out in this session, packed with real-world examples. We’ll cover not only 7 revenue-killing myths and mindsets but also practical steps to overcome them so you can raise more $$$!

Safeguarding - the most powerful Culture shift to ever change the nation... and the role faith is playing in helping lead the way.

Hetty Johnston AM, Diana Borgmeyer & David Pearce (Ansvar Insurance)

The Culture of Silence, Secrecy & Shame is being stampeded by the promise of a safe childhood. Disclosures of child sexual assault are increasing across the nation. The reality of sexual assault has emerged from the closet and into the sunlight - to bask in the warmth of a new culture of knowledge, understanding and zero tolerance. A new culture that is increasingly ready to believe, defend & protect its children as a national priority. Ministries of Faith continue in their role of shaping culture by helping to lead the way to a safer future for Australia’s children.

In 2021, Hetty Johnston joined Ansvar Insurance; to deliver a unique Safeguarding Framework, Resources and Education for Ansvar’s sectors, including faith organisations and ministries.

Diana will host and chair the session which includes Hetty Johnston and Ben Boulton

  • Diana will open with discussion about the safeguarding governance and the opportunity for faith to take a strong leadership role
  • Hetty will relate experiences and provide advice on strengthening risk management for safeguarding and the work she did with Ansvar (we will make available the safeguarding risk alert as an output)
  • Ben (former Vic Pol) will discuss grooming behaviours and how to identify behaviours of concern (from his vast experience in prosecuting sexual abuse)

    The session concludes with 15-20 min Q&A

Tuesday 4.00 to 5.00

Marketing, Communications & Stakeholders - considerations at a governance level

Julie Lawrie (The Marketing Box)

In this session we will look at:
• important marketing, communications and stakeholder metrics to gauge effectiveness, at a board level
• different methods to gather internal & external perceptions of your organisation & brand
• marketing activities that have a direct correlation to your financial sustainability

Facing up to Fatigue and Burnout - Coaching staff for sustained wellbeing

Kylie Butler (Arrow Leadership)

Organisations and the staff are becoming increasing concerned about risks associated with burnout. The human, financial and reputational impacts of burnout are significant and long-lasting.
In this workshop Kylie Butler helps you understand burnout and what drives it. You’ll learn how to avoid quick-fix solutions and how coaching can help supervisors and their staff deal with the systemic drivers of burnout.

Is it tax deductible?

Murray Baird and Jae Yang (Prolegis Lawyers)

The Australian Government has identified some areas of charitable giving to attract Tax Deductibility. Welfare, Health, Environment and Culture are included. Generally religion and education are not.
Tax Deductibility attracts more giving.
This session will explore how ministry organisations identify and structure for tax deductibility including the ethical considerations.

ACNC Governance Standards: From Theory to Practice

Elizabeth Shalders (Lewis Holdway Lawyers)

ACNC compliance activities are increasing; this session will highlight key areas of regulator interest, and look at case studies that provide practical examples of how to comply. It will also provide tips for responding to investigations or reviews


Wednesday June 8th
Wednesday 11.15 to 12.10

Negligence and how to avoid it – Your duty of care in the non-profit context

Sarah Whitehead (ACOM)

Whether you’re running the organisation or you’re an employee, you’ll have heard of the duty of care. We think of this as a vague responsibility to look out for others, but at law it imposes very specific obligations. Together we’ll explore how a snail in a bottle changed everything and why carrying explosives in a backpack isn’t always negligent! By the end of this session, you will be able to confidently determine when you owe a duty of care to others and some practical steps you can take to avoid a negligence claim.

Beyond Reproach: Statements of Faith and Codes of Behaviour in organisations

Jon Cheung and Sam Burnett (Prolegis Lawyers)

The effectiveness of organisations established for purpose and impact is dependent upon the alignment of its people in working together and in its governance. Who gets to be ‘in’ and how are they expected to act? In this session, we discuss the systems implemented by organisations: legal considerations in discerning the compatibility of belief and behaviour to mission; monitoring compliance; accountability and decision-making.

Cyber Security and You - addressing the organisational human element

Andrew Yager (Real World Technology Solutions)

Cyber Security is often considered the realm of "technology" and "IT" - but as 90% of cyber security incidents are caused by people; boards, managers, organisational structure, and governance are foundational to good cyber security practices. During this session Andrew will explore the key elements you need to explore to protect your organisation in today's "cyber landscape".

How to combine faith and innovation to create greater community impact

Ruth Knight (Australian Centre for Philanthropy & Nonprofit Studies) and Ray Bull

Design thinking is a popular methodology that organisations use to create new services, products and experiences that improve the lives of people and drive societal progress. This highly collaborative and innovative framework is becoming popular with faith based organisations and communities who are looking for new ways to be a more powerful catalyst for social change.

In this elective we will explore how design thinking crosses the traditional boundaries between public, for-profit, and nonprofit sectors. We will hear from the consultant engaged by the Mayor of the Gold Coast to lead local government, over twenty churches, several NFP Ministries, a secular university and various Domestic and Family violence experts in journeying together to create a city wide social innovation project. Despite many challenges, the initiative shows what can happen when many different leaders and stakeholder groups come together with the sole purpose of serving the community with greater impact than ever before.

Wednesday 12.15 to 1.10

Confronting the paradoxes of power: Christian governance in the 21st century

Philip Pogson (The Leading Partnership)

Christians have always had an ambiguous relationship with power. Jesus’ disciples jockeyed for position while he was alive. Later, the Apostles had to put in place new governance mechanisms to ensure widows were cared for fairly. Recent scandals involving high-profile Christians typically expose failures in governance and a lack of transparent checks and balances on those in authority. Several Royal Commissions reveal the same. This presentation explores workable approaches to governing in a Christ-like manner whilst navigating the 21st century’s many complexities.

Building Christian leadership capability in your organisation

Yvette McDonald (Anglicare Sydney)

Most Christian leadership models have a one size fits all view of leadership. Often these models are designed to fit an American, male pastor of a mega-church. While these models have their use, a more expansive model for leadership is needed to cater for the diverse contexts in which Christians lead – social enterprises, schools, not for profits, para-church organisations, etc. This session gives an insight into how the Christian Leadership Framework can be used in any Christian organisation to identify and raise up the leaders.

Leading through the first principles of donor behaviour

Rick Dunham (Dunham+Company)

In a stormy and somewhat unpredictable environment, how do you effectively lead your church, ministry or for-purpose organisation?

Right now, we’re facing the volatility of the stock market, the rapid rise of inflation and the drop in consumer confidence. Not to mention the ongoing disruption with staff on the back of the pandemic.

Although it feels unstable, we know this – the fundamentals of human nature are the same and, in changing times, if you’re authentic and flexible, you can continue to make a Kingdom impact and grow your mission.

Your strength as a leader is focusing on the right things. You need to know the times, get the insight, and act accordingly.

Join me to discuss what I’ve seen through many global economic shocks while working with NFPs, what I’ve learned in my own leadership in the process, and what we know as the true and solid foundation of the work we do together.

Faith on the (Front) Line: Discrimination and Suppression Practices in Christian organisations

Skye Rose (Moores)

“Recent debate and legal reforms in relation to freedom of religion, discrimination and suppression practices have led many faith-based organisations to consider the extent to which they can maintain their organisational values and be culture consistent with their legal obligations. Skye will provide guidance on:

- hiring, firing and managing staff and volunteers under state and federal religious discrimination laws;
- the provision of services (including counselling and pastoral care);
- change and suppression practices.”

Wednesday 2.00 to 2.55

The ten best ways to improve your board

Nick Barnett (Insync Surveys)

Nicholas Barnett will tell you the 10 best ways to improve your board and answer any questions you have in this interactive session. He will draw on his research of in excess of 350 surveys of boards of every shape and size. He will also share his experiences from inside the boardrooms of some of the 180 boards he has reviewed.

Preventing & dealing with sexual harassment in the workplace

Adam Foster (macpherson kelley)

Financial reporting update

Jeff Tulk and Peter Shields (Saward Dawson)

This session with be an opportunity to hear about the key changes to your financial reporting responsibilities with an update on changes that will impact in the future. New thresholds, guidance and standards will be highlighted, outline of Simplified Disclosure requirements, related party disclosures and Key management personnel disclosures. We will highlight particular actions that need to be taken now.
This session will suitable for management responsible for the finances and board members seeking an overview of the key issues.

The Covid Effect: Leading & managing staff who think differently about work

Liam Glover (Arrow Leadership)

People are throwing around the phrase “post covid”, which perhaps more accurately could be described as “post covid vaccinations” as covid is more prevalent than what it has ever been, at least in Australia. This session will explore the challenge of leading and managing staff who vocationally are experiencing long covid, with symptoms including decreased discretionary effort, renewed priority for holistic lifestyle and “uber eats” work habits.

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