The Babes Project Australia
Executive and Non-Executive Directors


The Babes Project is a registered charity supporting vulnerable women in the Perinatal Period (pregnancy until baby’s first birthday). It is administered by the Chief Executive Officer, overseen by a Board of Directors.

Board Directors will act as a partner to other Directors, and part of a leadership team to the CEO, through the provision of strong governance and strategic leadership to The Babes Project. Directors of The Babes Project will not be remunerated except for provision of administrative support, travel, and accommodation costs in relation to Board Members’ duties.



The role includes:

  • On being elected to the Board, undertake induction procedures as provided by the Board Office Bearers and CEO
  • Attendance of bi-monthly meetings and special meetings as required
  • Ensure Board papers are read in advance of all meetings
  • Consider, debate, and vote on issues before the Board on the basis of the best interests of the organisation only
  • Contribute to the discussion and resolution of issues at meetings and otherwise as appropriate
  • Comply with the rules and policies of the organisation
  • Be aware of and declare any conflict of interest
  • At all times conduct Board business politely and with consideration for others, without ill feeling, improper bias, or personal animus


The Board’s role covers the following areas, which are expanded below:


The Board plays a key role in developing the strategy of The Babes Project. While input may be taken from the Management Team, ultimately the strategic plan is the responsibility of the Board. Strategic planning covers all areas of the organisation, including operations, fundraising, finance, marketing, etc. Part of the strategic planning process includes reviewing the vision and mission of The Babes Project to ensure they are still relevant for the current challenges and environment.

  1. CEO

The Board (through the Chair) is responsible for mentoring, assessing and remunerating the CEO, including succession planning


The Board is responsible for monitoring the performance of The Babes Project, both operationally and financially. This will include reviewing regular operational reports from the CEO and regular financial reports.


A key role of the Board is risk management, which involves identifying, analysing, evaluating, treating, monitoring and reviewing risks.


The Board is responsible for ensuring The Babes Project complies with a range of legal requirements, which include legislation covering such areas as: health and safety, employment, fundraising, privacy, working with children, negligence and defamation, and so on.


The role of the Board includes assisting with the formulation and/or endorsement of policies for The Babes Project.


The Board member’s role will include assisting with networking at The Babes Project events and in their own circles of influence. Networking may be with key donors, politicians, church leaders and other influential people.


Board members will attend fundraisers as required and champion fundraising campaigns by connecting potential donors and fundraising opportunities with the organisation.


Communication with stakeholders is an important part of building relationships with our supporters. Board members may be asked to assist with this as appropriate.


Board members will approve major decisions in line with the constitution and the strategic plan. This may include such things as opening a new hub (centre), signing a new lease, or entering into a new contract.



We are seeking Executive and Non-Executive Directors who are passionate about using their skills, experience and networks to enhance and grow The Babes Project. The Babes Project is particularly interested in candidates with skills and experience in one or more of the following areas:

  • Grant writing, lobbying, government relations
  • Fundraising, PR, marketing
  • Finance
  • Legal, risk management and compliance

It is preferable that all candidates have prior experience in NFP governance.

You will be a team player with experience in leadership and networking; you will manage yourself with integrity and approach your role with mature confidence; you are able to commit time and energy to the health and outcomes of the organisation; your communication skills will be high level, with the ability to build strong stakeholder relationships; you have the ability and the desire to reach out to networks to raise meaningful financial support.



Please send applications through to, including your:

  • Cover letter
  • CV (with photo)
  • Three suitable professional referees and contact details (email and phone)