Board Interns at CMA 2023 Conference

12 interns graduate and 12 more commissioned

Dawn Penney (CEO, Korus Connect) and Gary Williams (National Director, CMA) hosted a brief ceremony as twelve interns graduated and another twelve were commissioned at the CMA Conference in Brisbane in June. Interns also led one of the plenary sessions and one of the elective sessions, and the contagious enthusiasm of 27 interns and alumni seemed to infect everyone present over the course of the conference!

The Board Internship website refresh

A refresh of The Board Internship (TBI) website was also revealed, adding pages identifying the Alumni from each year’s cohort, as well as the current interns and host organisations. When seeking host organisations each year, first priority is given to accredited partners of the CMA Standards Council, but if you would like to know more about the possibility of being a host organisation for future intakes of The Board Internship, please contact Gary Williams,

Looking for a young TBI alumni to serve on your board?

While we are not running a board recruitment service, what we are doing is maintaining a list of those alumni who are open to consider board service opportunities, and providing a link where interested organisations can describe the opportunity they have, which we will pass on to the interested interns. A small fee applies (unless the organisations is a CMA Standards Council Partner), and the form can be accessed via the link below.

Financially support The Board Internship with a tax-deductible donation

The Board Internship is a joint ministry of Korus Connect and CMA. Interns are not charged a fee to participate, because we don’t want cost to be a barrier. Host organisations contribute to the program costs, but this does not cover the cost of the program.

Interns participate in a small fundraising project, both as a learning exercise, and to contribute to the program costs, but for the 2022-23 year, a further $7000 is needed to help reach the goal of covering the hard costs of the program.

Your tax-deductible gift enables us to grow the program into something even more substantial.  Would you prayerfully consider whether God might be prompting you to partner with us in this important new initiative?

You can make a secure donation below, or contact Gary Williams to discuss further.