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Pastor: Ministry Leader: tell us what KINDS of roles you could invite a Q4 person to work with you in.
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1. Please describe one KIND of role that you could envisage for a Q4 person to fulfil within your organisation. Please keep your answer to just a couple of sentences.
2. Would this be an ongoing role, or a temporary role that would cease to exist once a task/project is completed?
3. If you selected 'temporary role' in question 2 above, please indicate roughly how long the duration would be. A few weeks? Six months?
4. Describe roughly what kind of time commitment it would involve. One day per week? Ten hours per month? One month per year? Completely negotiable? (250 characters maximum)
5. Are there any particular skills or requirements that a person would need to fulfil this role?
6. Any other comments?
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