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We are in the process of collecting hundreds of stories from people who have found ways to make a difference in their fourth quarter. This website will shortly start to tell the stories in more detail, as well as provide an opportunity for you to tell yours!

Have you heard of the 'butterfly effect'? This is the concept, from chaos theory, that small causes (such as the breeze created by the wings of a butterfly) can have large effects later (such as the path of a hurricane). Under God's guiding hand, who knows what effect may eventuate from the simple words you say, or actions you take, in your fourth quarter? Like the woman in the story below, the people you influence later in life may produce an outcome equal to or greater than the outcomes you achieved while working hard!


Author Howard Hendricks tells the story of meeting an 83-year-old lady at a Christian convention in Chicago. She told him she taught a Sunday School class of thirteen junior high school boys in a small church in the American countryside. The woman had travelled a great distance on an overnight bus to attend the convention to, in her words, "learn something that would make her a better teacher". Howard Hendricks later learned that no less than 84 of the boys who had been part of her Sunday School class over the years ended up in full time Christian ministry, many of them pastors.
What might your Q4 look like? (True stories, names changed)
Ken and Jan tow their caravan to campsite after campsite, with a deliberate prayer that at each place, they will find someone who is seeking new meaning and purpose with whom they can share their love of Christ.
For Alan, Q4 involves serving on eight community and ministry boards, where he can use his years of business experience to guide non-profit organisations.
James owns a vintage Ferrari, so he is dedicated to being a Christian presence in the Ferrari Club, where not many pastors get a chance to minister!
For John, Q4 has meant conducting 300 funerals since retiring as a pastor – that’s his way of helping people at their point of need .
Stephanie has found a mission organisation that needs her skills, and is happy to volunteer in a couple of key areas of her expertise.
Jan has trained with Love Makes A Way to be part of protests against asylum seeker policy.
For Karen and her friends, it means being self-appointed chaplains connecting with isolated people in their local shopping centres.
One thing is absolutely certain: there is no shortage of opportunities for you to exercise the gifts God has given you. But like many people, you may encounter a few obstacles.
  You may not have a clear idea what you have to offer, or what kind of involvement is best suited to your experience, gifts and situation. Q4Connection can help you think and pray through the process, and can provide you with a simple online assessment to help you discover what God has prepared you for.
  You may need help with ideas, or finding the organisation / opportunity that suits your gifts. Q4Connection is building a database of opportunities and organisations that we can help match you to. And the hundreds of organisations who are CMA Members will be able to list opportunities where you might serve!
  You may need some help or guidance making the adjustments, or adapting to fit a new kind of environment / situation. Q4Connection will provide a range of articles / resources that will be helpful, and can assist in connecting you to a mentor or a small group of peers if required.
  You may be all ready to go, but finding that the church or organisation you're interested in working with doesn't 'get' you, or seems to treat you as though you were a novice. Q4Connection realises that there are two sides to the equation. Right from our first events, we will be seeking to encourage churches and organisations to better understand what motivates you, and how to partner with you in a way that is dignified, fulfilling, and effective.
Q4Connection is a ministry of CMA (Christian Ministry Advancement Ltd incorporating Christian Management Australia). ABN 63 157 713 534
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