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2018 Conference Electives

The following program is subject to change at any time for operational or scheduling reasons.


Governance & Standards Fundraising & Generosity Ministry Staffing / HR CEO Forum (CEOs ony) Tax, Finance & Legal Other
Tuesday June 6

Tuesday Session 1 - 11.35-12.35

George Savvides and Chris Wallace
Tools for Leading Change in an Evolving Context (CEOs only)
In this interactive session, George and Chris will guide leaders through a role & contribution exercise for their organisations. They will ask attendees to choose an object to act as a metaphor for what their organisation exists to do, and then unpack the thematics to form an understanding of their role & contribution.
Anne Robinson and Jon Cheung
Top Five Issues for Church and Ministry Boards
In this session, chaired by Murray Baird, Anne and Jon will explore five top issues relating to church and ministry governance. Board members and executive directors: come along and bring your questions!
Rich Thompson
Structured Creativity
Brainstorming creative ideas for marketing and fundraising campaigns can be challenging. Learn to harness the power of your organisation’s collective creativity. You’ll walk away from this session with the tools to consistently generate unique and compelling communication ideas.
Bruce Burgess

Equipping Your Team to Handle Conflict and Challenging Relationships
Often we’re so externally focused on achieving our mission that we don't adequately manage one of the major risks that could bring the whole organisation down - toxic conflict!   But it's not just about managing mission risk.  Organisations with a healthy, relational culture are joyful places to work, and a powerfully positive witness to Christ.   Come to better understand the strategic importance of equipping your team in this vital area, and be given pointers on how to begin creating a true 'community of peace' within your organisation.

Fraser Holt
Organisations Investing Wisely
How does your organisation make investment decisions? What are some Biblical principles we can follow? Has your investment portfolio grown out of good luck or good management? What are some principles to making the right investments decisions? Do you really know what you are investing in? There is a better way to steward the financial resources under your responsibility so that you can have greater assurance that you get a more informed outcome for your organisation.
Paul Arnott
Tapping the ministry talents and passions of church members over 50
There are many older people in churches all over Australia. However, church leaders are not always sure how to make the best use of the gifts and life experience of older people. In this elective the Executive Director of Q4Connection, Rev Paul Arnott, shares a range of ways in which churches can better draw on the abilities and gifts of older church members for the sake of the gospel and the kingdom.

Tuesday Session 2 - 1.20-2.20

Liam Glover
The Rhythms of Leadership, Professional and Personal (CEOs only)
Life seems to be designed around seasons or rhythms. The life of leadership flourishes when we are able to embrace two rhythms. One, harness the natural rhythm of the place in which we serve and two, create rhythms that enable us as leaders to inspire, empower and co-author a kingdom narrative with those we lead. Let’s feel the grove of the Rhythm of Leadership.
Steve Kerr
Accountability and Generosity: Two Sides of the Same Coin
The Bible is full of examples of God calling on his people to be generous and God instructing his people to faithfully manage the gifts they receive. Learn more about how this inter-relationship works in ministries today and how enhancing one will stimulate the other
Margaret Scott
Where are the emerging fundraising leaders in faith-based organisations?
Fundraising in organisations really commenced in Australia in faith-based organisations ie our Churches. Now many more organisations are conducting fundraising – more than 50,000! Does faith play a part? How can we together develop and encourage tomorrow’s visionary fundraising leaders who can inspire, mentor and coach our Boards and other leaders to work collaboratively with communities to ensure a secure income stream to support mission.
George Savvides and Chris Wallace
Tools for Leading Change in an Evolving Context
In this interactive session, George and Chris will guide leaders through a role & contribution exercise for their organisations. They will ask attendees to choose an object to act as a metaphor for what their organisation exists to do, and then unpack the thematics to form an understanding of their role & contribution.
Andrew Boer
Land Rich - Churches and Other NFPs Turning Property into Opportunity
NFPs which have been around for a long time (churches in particular) often have considerable real estate assets. This session will look at some different models that can be used to strategically employ, develop or refresh property assets without losing your mission and without becoming a property development company. Real examples and case studies will give pause for thought to any NFP seeking to better use their real estate.
Neil Milton
Building a ChildSafe Culture... With the child in mind!
The Royal Commission recommends 10 Child Safety standards be implemented into all Organisations working with children as 'best practice' to keep children safe. The 1st standard is: "Child safety is embedded in institutional leadership, governance, and culture." but how do we do this whilst keeping the best interest of the children in mind? Neil will take you through an easy step by step process that is practical and able to be implemented. If you care about the wellbeing of children and you lead an organisation where children are in your care then this elective is for you.
Tuesday Session 3 - 2.25-3.25
Jerry White

The Tough Issues of Leadership (CEOs only)
Only a deep personal and humble walk with God can keep us united in heart and vision in times of change and transition. This session will discuss the biggest problems, the most important issues, the most neglected issues, the least understood issue, the toughest conflicts, the toughest tasks.

Emma Penzo
In the name of Jesus: Christian Ethics & NGO Governance
Faith based organisation will invariably hold out a statement that their work is inspired by the Lord Jesus. But how does this translate into the strategic plans of the organisation? This session will translate strategic frameworks used in the for-profit space to the Christian enterprise context. There will be an opportunity to apply the learned frameworks to your organisation.
Steve Fogg
Nine Fundraising Mistakes Charities & Churches Make (And How To Fix Them)
Successful fundraising is an art and a science. Churches and charities can be significantly impacted financially both positively and negatively by key decisions made in fundraising. In his session, Steve outlines nine mistakes both make and provides solutions on how to fix them, ultimately leading to an increase in generosity.
Ruth Knight
Great Organisational Culture: Visionary Leadership or Blind Faith
Organisations are beginning to understand the importance of culture, and yet, few people really understand what culture is and how to influence it. Many leaders just hope, or blindly believe, that their culture is good by default. Research shows however, it is the leaders who design and intentionally shape their culture, that experience high staff engagement and organisational performance. This session will explain a simple yet effective way to understand your current culture, and show you how visionary leadership can create great culture.
Jeff Tulk and Peter Shields
Financial Governance – Risks, Tips and tools for governance and management!
Join us for a session to discuss a number of improvements in your organisations that will make an impact.  We will cover a number of hot topics and discuss the practical implication.  We will also make a number of templates and resources available to attendees.
Murray Baird
The Charity regulator and Christian Organisations – Common Interests
Most Christian organisations are registered as charities with the ACNC. The object is to ensure healthy, trusted charities and less red tape. These are objects that charities and regulator may share. This elective will be an opportunity to consider issues of common interest including: What do registered charities have to do? The finer points of Basic Religious Charities; The new DGR streamlining arrangements; External Conduct Standards: what will they mean for Christian charities? Can a Public Benevolent Institution have a religious purpose? Can Christian charities make political statements? There will be ample question time for other matters to be raised.

Elective Session 4 - 4.00-5.00

Graham Leo
How CEO’s get Out of Step with Boards (CEOs only)
This is a practical session, where Graham will lead a discussion around what he perceives to be the ten top reasons why CEOs get into arguments with their Boards – and vice versa. It will be useful both for CEOs and Board members, especially Chairs. Graham will have definite intellectual and practical content for you to take away – he is committed to practical advice. Graham has more than 25 years experience at both CEO and Board level.
Gary Hoag
The Council Mindset: A Biblical Framework for Thinking about Board Governance
The governing bodies in the Scriptures help us discern how to think about oversight and how not to think about it. This session digs into the four components of the council mindset that surfaces after exploring the biblical material to inform our thinking about board governance today.
Peter Wilson
People Policies - What is the Best HR Policy Architecture for Your Ministry?
What is the Best HR Policy Architecture for Your Ministry? What policies on people related issues should your organisation have, and why?
Omar Djoeandy
From Busyness to Effectiveness
Abundant life and abundant fruit in ministry – that is the desire of Christian leaders. Yet, many find themselves overwhelmed with busyness and struggling with stress, ill-health, relational breakdown, or burnout. God says, “Be still and know that I am God.” How do we practise the disciplines of slowing down, being still and experiencing the presence and the empowering of God towards ministry effectiveness? You will gain tools and practical applications.
Andrew Lind and Alistair Macpherson
Your Top Legal Questions Answered
A survey will be sent to conference delegates prior to the conference, inviting them to identify their biggest legal questions. During this elective, a number of those questions will be tabled and explored.
Tarran Deane
Executable.Me. Making the most of each  90 Day quarter to go from Ideas to Execution in Your Leadership.
How you can make the most of each 90 Day quarter to go from Ideas to Execution in Your Leadership. This session will talk about the role of a personal annual plan, quarterly themes, 3 key focus areas, plus ‘Quantified and qualified’

Wednesday June 7

Elective Session 5 - 11.20-12.15

Jerry White
The Foundation of Character and Integrity in Hiring and Developing People
This session will start with some of the fundamentals of character, and explore the foundations of a life of integrity. When recruiting and developing people in Christian organisations, character and integrity are critical, and the session will cover range of definitions, concepts and ideas will help attendees think through the issues from a biblical perspective.
Myles McGregor-Lowndes, Gary Johns, Matthew TUrnour, Anne Robinson  
Big Themes of the ACNC Review - Panel
This session will expand on the plenary panel discussion, with more time to dig into some of the issues that emerged during the ACNC review process.
Gary Hoag
Session 1 — Integrating Faith and Fundraising: Building Generous Disciples and Fruitful Ministries

The first session starts with the heart of the matter by considering fundraising that is not integrated with the Christian faith as compared to fundraising that is integrated. From there we will explore the biblical thinking that shapes our kingdom work aiming at building generous disciples and fruitful ministries.

Nicholas Marks
Emotionally Healthy Leadership - winning the long game (CEOs only)
If we are going to lead over the long haul with sustained emotional health, we need to understand the times in which we lead, and it will help to get a snapshot of the mental and emotional health landscape in Australia. We will also cover how to prevent spiritual and emotional burnout in yourself and your leadership team, and discuss Emotionally Healthy Leadership and Self Care
Jane Edge
The Ripple Effect: Leveraging work with individuals to impacting national and global policy.
In this workshop, Jane Edge (CEO of CBM) will describe how the fieldwork of CBM is leveraged for much bigger impact than we could achieve on our own. The ripple effect stems from our Christian faith as the motivator for our work and how we go about it in a cooperative way. The ripple effect magnifies CBM’s ability to impact policy and programming approaches through strategic partnerships with people living with disability, churches, financial supporters, partners in the field, governments at all levels and international organisations such as the UN. The flow goes upstream to impact the disability police for the aid program in Australia and downstream to service delivery organisations in the country where CBM works, partner governments and ultimately to people living with disabilities.
Terry Leister
Digital Disruption - Friend or Foe?
You can't read an article on Business today, without being confronted with Digital Disruption. The Cloud, Blockchain or Cybersecurity, but what does it all mean and is it relevant to how you run your business now? In this short presentation, Terry Leister, an IT Industry insider with over 30 years of enterprise software experience lays out the foundations and removes the confusion is plain English for business owners.

Elective Session 6 - 1.00-1.55

Adam Foster
Boards and Bullying – how to manage it when it happens
It is a sad reality in this broken world that bullying in the workplace occurs. But what about at the Board level? How do you deal address it? Where do you start? And how far can it go? This session will look at some practical ways to deal with bullying at a Board level and also look at the legal risk associated with bullying on the Board.
Di Feldman
Board capacity building – trends, pressures, diversity, dynamics, director independence, oversight symmetry.
Engage in genuine governance dialogue on the types of opportunities and challenges that are priorities for Boards of Christian ministries.  The context surrounding governance in Australia continues to be shaped by significant events (failures at governance level, royal commissions, legal cases), shifts in penalties for corporate and financial misconduct, impacts because of a limited view on strategic risk, the increasing complexity of many ministries, and emerging governance concerns for the nfp sector more broadly.  Does your board consist of, and have present, the right diversity in the boardroom for the best interest of the organisation today and for its future?  What does the Board’s capacity bring to growing a healthy, vibrant, engaging ministry fulfilling its purpose?
Gary Hoag
Part 2: Charting Our Course: Mapping Faithful Activities and Avoiding Deadly Sins

The second session helps God’s workers plan their work and work out their plan in a manner that reflects faithfulness and positions their organizations to flourish. We will also explore deadly sins to avoid that can hinder the efficiency and effectiveness of our service as God’s workers.

Sam Burnett
Royal Commission recommends the Supervision of Pastors – is your ministry ready for this significant change?
This seminar moves beyond the Child Safe Standards proposed by the Royal Commission to recommendations that address the way religious institutions operate as organisational forms. In particular we will take a risk-based approach to thinking through what the Royal Commission has said about supervising and managing people in ministry (Recommendations 16.44 and 16.45), and consider what simple changes could transform the way you think about risk in this area.
Jeff Tulk and Peter Shields
Financial reporting update – Moving from theory to practical application
The update will focus specifically the significant changes ahead over the next 3 years in relation to new accounting standards including AASB15 Revenue from Contracts with Customers, AASB 1058 Income of Not-for-Profit Entities, AASB 9 Financial Instruments, AASB 16 Leases. We will also provide an update in relation to changes to the reporting framework – life after special purpose accounts.
Dawn Penney (CEO, ACCESS ministries, Omar Djoeandy (CEO, SIM AUstralia), Jane Edge (CEO, CBM Australia)
CEO Panel - Lessons from the CEO Trenches (CEOs only)
Three current ministry CEOs will share their answers to several prepared questions, in the hope that their experiences may prove helpful to other CEOs in the room. There will also be time for questions from the floor. Facilitated by Karen Naylor

Elective Session 7 (2.00-2.55)

Claire Madden
Engaging Gen Z: The Emerging Generation in our Teams, Community and Churches
In a little over a generation, organisations have been transformed from hierarchical structures to collaborative environments. Staff and volunteers have moved from long term commitment to valuing variety and frequent change. It is imperative that leaders and managers in our churches and organisations are equipped with strategies to build a culture which attracts and inspires, implement leadership which supports and empowers and shapes an organisational climate which produces both productivity and engagement. In this session, Claire will unpack what makes Gen Z tick, and the leadership qualities that emerging generations resonate with, and equip leaders, managers and teams to attract, engage and retain talent across a multi-generational workforce.
Diana Borgmeyer
Protecting vulnerable people in the changing risk and governance landscape
This elective will provide practical solutions to the challenges for risk management, governance and leadership in our increasingly complex and volatile operating environment. The session will focus on how you can use strategic risk management methodologies to contextualise and implement the learnings from the Royal Commission in your organisation, to ensure children and vulnerable people are protected.
Gary Hoag
Part 3: Getting Tactical: Discussing Practical Tips for Raising Up Givers and Gifts
This third session brings into view insights from fellow workers around the world who have implemented this biblical approach. We will discuss together their application and other insights from workshop attendees to aid God’s workers with various levels of experience.
Grant Dibden
Leading Like Jesus in Business
Our thinking on leadership comes from various sources: psychology, sociology, pragmatism, celebrities, business books and seminars, marketing strategies, or mega-church leaders. The best leadership models have some biblical stuff fitted into their model rather than it being the core of their model. We will look at Jesus, the most effective and compelling leader of all time! His leadership principles apply to our whole of lives, which includes business.
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